Do I need a heater for my turtle tank?

No. In general, water temperature is about 28 degree Celsius.

Should I buy a turtle from a pet store?

You can. Although sometimes you get a bad batch and the turtle you get might be sick without you knowing. Adopting a turtle is a better option.

I cannot care for my turtles anymore, what should I do?

Find someone who is willing to adopt or take responsibility and care for it. You won’t abandon a dog, don’t abandon a turtle just because it is not a mammal.

How do I make my turtle bask?

Turtles need time to feel safe going out of water, it may take weeks. Be patient.

Can I add fish with my turtles?

Yes, but I would not recommend anything expensive. More often than not, turtles will be enticed to hunt for the fish, it is nature. You don’t want your expensive fish’s fins nipped or eaten.

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