You have a turtle and chances are you purchased it together with some plastic container and some pellet food, with help from the upstanding advice of the pet store personnel, and you thought that was it.

Except it’s not.

You need much, much, MUCH more than that. Here, I will go through the basic needs of a turtle you can provide to not be considered animal abuse.

Things to Buy

This covers your shopping list for your turtle. What you should get to provide decent care.

How to Set

Once you have what you need, I will cover how to set it up and what to be aware of.

Keeping it Running

This is the easiest part. Once you set your husbandry right, keep it right.

2 thoughts on “BASIC NEEDS

  1. Hi, I read with interest what you have posted, and must say your post really opened my eyes to having turtles as a pet. One quick question, is the UVB lamp electrical consumption high, as compared to a normal bulb? Thanks.


    1. Hi Irene, typically a UVB bulb would be 13W/25W/50W. The wattage also indicates the heat emitted by the bulbs. It is higher than normal bulbs as normal bulbs tend to be more energy saving and less heat emission.


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