Before I start babbling about this site here, I would like to just clearly state that this particular section contains NO USEFUL/TECHNICAL INFORMATION that would directly help you become a better pet owner to your turtles. How it impacts you indirectly would be entirely up to you. In this section, it would primarily be about why I started this site or blog, my motivations and what I hope to achieve. This is a NON-ESSENTIAL read. Please move along to other sections if you are looking for straightforward turtle care tips. If for some reason you are vested in this site and would like to dig a little deeper into more than how-tos, well…I cannot stop you, can I?

I started this site as a hub for quick and no-frills source of information on turtle care. Like many of you, I didn’t choose the turtle life, the turtle life chose me. To elaborate a little further, when I came back from an overseas trip, my sister had bought for her son a pair of turtles which were no longer cared for. Water was constantly green and my mom ended up to be the one who did daily water changes. Was it my problem? Certainly not. But I felt inclined to take over.

I had a few turtles that died under my care when I was a kid. Yes, I was guilty of culpable homicide. Back then the only information you get are those from pet stores. And boy, were they rubbish. Inevitably, it ended up tragic to say the least. So I guilt tripped myself into taking over. Plus I had some time on my hands.

So about 4 years ago (2016), I started researching on turtle care and discovered a vast amounts of new information. I also realised that information was not as accessible as I would imagine it would be. Considering how common terrapins are as pets and how advanced technology has been. I felt this was a big hurdle in turtle care. Since most people are tricked into getting one, at least make it easy for them to attain the right information.

Because it makes sense to give outright basic care information to the masses that was punked by the pet stores, I started this site/blog in 2018. My plan was to throw out basic information on the needs of a turtle, nothing rocket sciencey, and leave it there for those who happened to stumble upon my site through my Carousell post. It is purely an informational site.

Over the 2 years, I’ve surprisingly gotten several enquiries on different issues on turtle care. It’s nice to know some people actually visited the site and also interested enough to enquire. That’s why I am back to give this site a fresh revamp and update information that you might find useful.

Through this site, I hope for 2 outcomes. First, for those who ended up with turtles for whatever reason, to give them a shot in being great pets. Like bringing home a stray cat. Secondly, to ultimately discourage people to get turtles as pets. I know it sounds ironic, but most people are not ready to care for turtles and a well informed individual will not be scammed by the common pet store. There are too many pet turtles in less than favourable living conditions and others being dumped in open waters.

There, I’ve said my piece.

Since this is an About section, I’ll share my tank progression from what it used to be to what it is now.

-17th February 2021

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