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13 thoughts on “TESTIMONIAL

  1. Thank you so much for this page!!!! I just happened to stumble upon it but I’m sharing it on as many FB groups re pets and turtles tt I can – it’s so important for people to get the right info as too many RES are being abandoned in SGP 😓 and the vast majority of abandoners don’t realise it’s ILLEGAL to just release terrapins when they get too big or their care takes more time and effort.


  2. Thanks for this site. Wish my wife read your articles before buying terrapins for my kids. One of the terrapins is now not eating for a week and has cloudy eyes. Would you know of any vet that can help it?


    1. Hi Jon. I have only experienced going to Animal Doctors, but you will have to call them first as vets specialising in reptiles are not in daily. You can enquire with vets near you by calling them and asking on their area of expertise. Many vets have little to no experience with turtles. Your turtle seems to be ill, I cannot advise much without knowing your turtle set up. Try feeding it with bloodworm or dried shrimp to up their appetite.


      1. Thanks. The Animal Doctors didn’t have a vet who can see my terrapin. I ended up going to Island Vet at Jurong East. It is now on antibiotics and let’s hope it thrives after the medication runs its course. What I found interesting was how the other terrapin living in the same setup is very active and feeding well… Will try out bloodworm or dried shrimp. Your site is really a great resource and I’ve very grateful for your sharing.


      2. I’m glad you found a suitable vet! To be frank, because these turtles are bred an large numbers, the health of the turtles at the point of purchase is never certain. It could have nothing to do with your set up, you may just have picked a sickly turtle to begin with. Hope the turtle reaching peak of health soon!


  3. Hi, thank you for this website, it’s been very helpful.
    I just set up a basic 60cm tank+filter+uvb light for our 2 small terrapins a few days ago. Initially everything was great; they were really active and seemed to be enjoying themselves. However recently they seemed to be keeping their eyes closed most of the time. Appetites are still good, however they can’t eat well without seeing so I have to hand feed sometimes.

    Do you have any idea what the issue may be? Too much chlorine in the water or something?



    1. Hi Alex, the likely cause would be the chlorine. It is not fatal but it irritates. Do you use water conditioner? You should, not just for your turtles but also for your filtration. Chlorine kills the beneficial bacterial in your filter. But do monitor. eyes closed can also be a sign for more serious illness such as MBD.


      1. Thanks! We added some chlorine remover, and they seemed to get better, but it’s hard to say for sure… just hope they will get better now 🙏


  4. Hi, back with a question: any way to reduce nitrate levels other than a water change?

    We just changed half the water in the tank a day ago, added another filter (internal hailea one, in additional to the canister filter we had), and after barely 24 hours, when we tested the water, the nitrate level was a bit high… thanks in advance for any advice 🙏


    1. Hi Alex, sorry for the delayed response. Nitrate of 20-40ppm is acceptable. Nitrate levels can also be reduced by adding pothos/money plant. However, pothos can be toxic to turtles so you have to introduce it in a way that does not come into contact with them.


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